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If there is anyone out there, i need to ask for some voices for my series that i'm starting up...

thank you, i need a voice for the fallowing characters ^^;

Samuel Weschler (whom is my friend's jewish german character from WW2)
Dylan O'Briain (my irish immigrant)
Sean O'Briain (my irish immigrant's son XD lol dylan's son as well as vexxi's son)

please help me...i'm sure there are more characters to come but please if you can spare a voice, please help me....

thank you,


Vexxi Lynn Magdelene Linvell

uh huh ^^

2009-04-01 23:31:30 by CelticIrishLass92

=D oh i totally agree with you tom^^ it tis a grand thing that the chinese are finally unblocking us^^

american tail collab?

2009-02-02 16:51:13 by CelticIrishLass92

hey guys =D its been a good month since i last posted ^^ but i was getting to thinking, maybe we should do the american tail collabs =D i think it'd be great XD kinda what they did with Sonic Shorts, but it would be American Tales ^^...i'm sorry if this seems desprate, but i think it'd be a great opportunity for us to reach out for a good laugh =)...

please message me if you are wanting to do so ;D


Vexxi <3

><;;; TT^TT i have the influenza right now and my eyes are killing me...i'm working on my animation while i'm recovering and i'm honestly thinking its a major thing that i should nose is stuffed, i have a 103 fever, chills, sneezing, hacking....and its all dry so i cant spit it out without barfing...its the worst feeling i've ever felt....

tis the fekking season i guess =_= pardon me...*goes to bed* vov................

hey all ;)

tis I ^^ CelticIrishLass92 or Vexxi Lynn Linvell

Just to let you know, i have other videos, such as this on Youtube,

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That is from my youtube page, please don't upload without my permission and hopefully you'll see more videos from me soon ;)


Vexxi <3