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Sickety sick sick sick =_=

2009-01-10 13:21:28 by CelticIrishLass92

><;;; TT^TT i have the influenza right now and my eyes are killing me...i'm working on my animation while i'm recovering and i'm honestly thinking its a major thing that i should nose is stuffed, i have a 103 fever, chills, sneezing, hacking....and its all dry so i cant spit it out without barfing...its the worst feeling i've ever felt....

tis the fekking season i guess =_= pardon me...*goes to bed* vov................


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2009-01-10 14:23:01

That sucks. Hope you get well soon!

CelticIrishLass92 responds:

thank you hun *airhugs*


2009-02-01 22:17:40

Good luck with that.

Being sick is always such a pain.