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uh huh ^^

2009-04-01 23:31:30 by CelticIrishLass92

=D oh i totally agree with you tom^^ it tis a grand thing that the chinese are finally unblocking us^^


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2009-04-01 23:35:22

its an apr!l f00ls j0ke by t0m fu1p and other @dmins


2009-05-25 01:17:19

Hey I see that you're holding up something for a American Tail Collab ,Are you still doing that thing or is it already over? Don bluth was one of my favorite animators.

CelticIrishLass92 responds:

I haven't even started =|

but yeah^^ you are more than welcome =D ^^ please come and join =) and if you could, if you know any other people who would love to join please tell them ^^