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Entry #5

May i ask for anything?

2009-05-26 03:26:12 by CelticIrishLass92

If there is anyone out there, i need to ask for some voices for my series that i'm starting up...

thank you, i need a voice for the fallowing characters ^^;

Samuel Weschler (whom is my friend's jewish german character from WW2)
Dylan O'Briain (my irish immigrant)
Sean O'Briain (my irish immigrant's son XD lol dylan's son as well as vexxi's son)

please help me...i'm sure there are more characters to come but please if you can spare a voice, please help me....

thank you,


Vexxi Lynn Magdelene Linvell


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2009-07-29 02:59:30

What was I suppose to laugh at I didn't see teh art put it back up lulz.